Welcome To Boston

Here’s Why I Love Boston

Boston has been my hometown for ad long as I can remember, and is truly an undeniably beautiful city – no bias, I promise. Being one of the oldest cities in the United States, and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a cultural melting pot – which is what I love most about the city. There’s simply lots to see, do and experience here. Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Eateries

If you visit the city of Boston, or visit at any given time of year, and cannot find a great spot to enjoy a meal out, then you are looking with the wrong eyes. This is true irrespective of your preferred tastes and lifestyle. There truly is something here for everybody where food and beverage is concerned. Everything from your regular city staple fish and chips joint to more formal and upscale options are available.

2. The Live Music Sites

I love live music. It therefore doesn’t hurt that the city of Boston is in many ways a live music Mecca. So many sounds and musical genres are represented by the independent bands and artistes on the live music scene. Everything from reggae, to jazz, hip hop, rock and soul are all regularly found across the music scene (Wally’s Cafe is a favorite of mine). There are lots of live music bars and pubs where artistes can win fans over, and music lovers like me can enjoy good music, and good food during a night out with friends.

3. Rich History

Not surprisingly, Boston is home to many legendary sites and events. After all, as I mentioned before, Boston is an old city and is consequently a historically rich one. Even amidst the latest in technology and modern conveniences, there is this sense of old world charm as you traverse the city streets. This is hardly surprising, as if you take the time to really look at the city’s architecture, one will quickly begin to get the feeling that a story is being told of days of old.

Do you have anything to add? What are your favorite spots? Contact me here or leave a comment below!


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