Best Springtime Parks In Boston

Don’t miss these Boston Parks!

The spring is glorious in New England as the region climbs out of winter and hits its stride toward summer. However, any time is a great time to celebrate the season at hand at one of the many public parks in Boston. I have selected a few of my favorites and offer them to you in no particular order.

Flowering Parks of Boston

Boston boasts a healthy selection of parks whose main draw for me and many others is their gorgeous floral displays. Among the top parks of this type is the Boston Public Garden, situated across Charles Street from its sister park, the historic Boston Common. Flowers and flowering trees make for the perfect stroll and provide an escape from the stresses of the city. This also is the park that features the famous swan boats, which are constantly circling the lagoon.


Other parks with a botanical flair include the Emerald Necklace, which features seven miles of garden delights. Popular with joggers, it also features a guided evening tour. Another part of the Emerald Necklace system of parks is the Arnold Arboretum, which consists of 281 acres that are home to more than 15,000 shrubs and trees.

Parks for Exercise and Entertainment

Boston Commons is best known for its historical significance. The 50-acre site is America’s oldest park, where at one time cattle grazed and public hangings were held in the 1600’s and 1700’s. Lesser known outside Boston is that it also features a playground and a splash pool for children, an old time carousel, and a bandstand where musical and theatrical performances are held.

Best Park For Live Springtime Music


The Charles River Esplanade also hosts live musical concerts on the stage of its Hatch Shell performance arena. With or without musical accompaniment, visitors can enjoy three miles of greenery along the banks of the Charles River where once were only mud flats. While walking or jogging on land, tourists can enjoy the sight of kayaks, sailboats, and sculling boats making their way down the river.

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