Top 4 Parks In Boston

My Personal Favorite Parks In Boston

From a summer game of baseball to a sail around the harbor, Boston houses plenty of public parks for year-round fun. Whether you are looking to get out and get fit or get out and just sit… these four parks are a can’t-miss for a day filled with sunshine and wide open air.

Olmsted Park


With pretty picturesque ponds, spacious picnic spaces and charming stone bridges across a backdrop of meadows and lush forests, Olmsted Park is a great place to feel closer to Mother Nature… but it is also a great place to find athletic fields that do not stay quite as busy as some of the other large parks in Boston. Bring your glove for a nice game of catch with the kids.

Piers Park


City skylines and beautiful waterfront… Piers Park is the best of both worlds. With views of the harbor, a fitness area, community sailing access and playgrounds, Piers is the place to bring the whole family for a little warm weather fun.

Boston Common



This 50-acre urban park has a lot of historic significance for our area because it hosted British troops during the American Revolution. Just a little fun fact. With an ice-skating rink and well-lit Christmas trees in winter, you will want to stop by Boston Common when the weather has you thinking about the holidays, Northern snow and mornings by the fire. However, you will still find plenty to see and do year round.  There’s also some really good food in the area as well about 10 minutes away.

Boston Public Garden

Flowers — check. Swans — check. Ducks — check. George Washington statue in a Red Sox Jersey — check. You cannot play in Boston without coming to the Public Garden that was first created in 1837. Sit and stay a while. Wonder at the skylines and take in the lush greenery and lagoon with boat rides, fountains and other fun things.
Boston has a bevy of public parks to explore and discover. These four are far from all there is to see and if you visit one park a weekend… you could easily have a couple months’ worth of adventures on your hands.


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