What is the Best Museum in Boston?

Boston is a city rife with history, waterways, amazing seafood and great museums. It is nearly impossible to choose just one, and there are great museums all over town. Still, I will point out a couple of my favorites.

In the Seaport area, be sure to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art, a waterfront building offering galleries and shows, and lots of kid-friendly art displays. Nearby, make a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum.

Near the city’s ivy-league schools, you will find the Museum of Natural History at Harvard Square, and the Museum of Science at Cambridge. Of course, these two schools are living history lessons themselves and not to be missed!

For the ultimate Boston history experience, don’t miss the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. This museum tells the story of Boston’s place in the founding of our nation and is a favorite for travelers.

Interesting Landmarks Near Harvard

Harvard itself is one of the most interesting places in the country, but it is surrounded by areas of historical significance as well. Check out some of these cool places, and keep your camera ready!

Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard is entered through historic archways and surrounded by the stately buildings of the college. It is a quiet and park-like area with seating for visitors under ancient shade trees.  Great place for lunch or just to relax. Be sure to see Widener Library and the Memorial Church while in the Yard.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is the home of Sanders Theater, where there is always something happening. Here’s an awesome little tidbit: the dining hall here was the inspiration for the one in the Harry Potter movies. Beautiful architecture and stunning stained glass windows abound in this building.

Weeks Footbridge

This stunning bridge is for pedestrians only, and is one of our favorite places to walk. You get a full view of the college and forget all about the traffic that is all around the river.

Prospect Hill Monument

How much history can you stand in one day? This is the first place our flag was ever flown, and New Year’s Day brings a celebration with a faux George Washington! I love the view of the city skyline from up top.

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