Popular Outdoor Sports in Boston

Summer weather in Boston is ideal for outdoor activities. Among them, several sports are popular with residents of all ages. There are leagues for children and adults alike, throughout the many fitness centers and sports clubs in the region. Here are five of the most popular sports we play in Boston.  Social sports clubs, like Social Boston Sports, is a great place to meet people and get involved in a variety of sports.

Outdoor Kickball

Outdoor kickball is becoming popular again, among adults. This sport is often a favorite among children of all ages. Adults are discovering they can have fun and get much needed exercise, through this activity. Some sports centers offer Summer leagues. Anyone can learn kickball and prior experience is not required. There are leagues for children and separate leagues for adults. Many informal neighborhood games are played at a moment’s notice. This sport is a good choice for family gatherings, picnics, and other get-togethers. It doesn’t require much, in the way of equipment, and can be played in any open space or at any city park.


Softball is another popular sport in the region. Leagues are offered for children in different age categories, as well for adults. There are co-ed, men’s, and women’s leagues available to residents. Participants can choose from slow pitch or fast pitch leagues as well. Some leagues play games on specified days and times, such as Sunday afternoons or Friday nights.


Flag Football

This sport is a favorite among children and adults of all ages. Girls, boys, men, and women now enjoy a weekend game of flag football. Leagues and organized games are offered in several sports centers. Many people who participate do so to improve fitness levels and have fun, in a mildly competitive environment.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is wildly popular in Boston! This sport attracts both men and women. Leagues are offered throughout the city’s recreation and sports centers. This sport requires minimal equipment and is played on a grass field. Participants can practice in the back yard or in any open field.

Disc Golf

Outdoor disc golf is often thought of as a sport for young adults. But, leagues and tournaments are open to people of all ages and skill levels. Boston has plenty of parks and open fields for participants.


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