Boston is a city synonymous with the independence struggle of the United States. Due to this, it is rich in history. Among its important landmarks are the numerous historic cemeteries. These cemeteries date back to 1630 and are located in different Boston neighborhoods. Here are some of these burying grounds and the names of some of the famous people buried in them.

Granary Burying Ground in Boston

This cemetery was

The burial site of Samuel Adams.

established in the year 1660. The Granary Burying Grounds was established to take off pressure from the nearby King’s Chapel Burying Ground that was overcrowding. The burying ground got its name from a granary that was built there in 1737. Currently, the Park Street Church occupies the site of the granary. All burials in this cemetery, however, stopped in 1880 and it is now a historic site.

Some of the important historic figures whose remains are at the Granary include John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, and Samuel Adams who signed the declaration of independence. Also interred at this site are Paul Revere, Peter Faneuil, Benjamin Franklin’s parents, and James Otis.

Eliot Burying Ground

Formerly known as Eustis Street Burying Ground and Old Roxbury Burying Ground, Eliot Burying Ground is the third oldest cemetery in Boston. This cemetery, which saw its first interment made in the year 1630, is also the site of the Roxbury Neck fortifications. The years 1854 was when the last interment occurred in this burying ground though there were those that went on in family tombs.

Among the famous buried here include Governors Thomas Dudley and Joseph Dudley in 1653 and 1720 respectively. Others include Colonel William Dudley in 1743 and Chief Justice Paul Dudley in 1752 both in their family tomb. Others include John Eliot in 1690, Benjamin Thompson, and five ministers of the First Church of Roxbury.

Phipps Street Burying Ground

The Phipps Street Burying Ground was established in 1630 by Charlestown’s founding fathers just after their settlement. The landscape of this cemetery has however dramatically changed over the years due to landfills and urban renewal activities. During its early years, the cemetery was bordered by an estuary of the Charles River at the rear side of the hill and marshy flats at the south and west.


Some of the famous people interred here include Nathaniel Gorham who was president of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Constitution, John Harvard who helped start a college at Cambridge, and Thomas Beecher. Famous families buried here include the Phipps, Hurds, Frothinghams, Harvards, Hunnewells, and Russels.
Boston is rich in history. When visiting historical sites in the city, be sure to visit these burying grounds too.


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