Boston is well known for its prominent role in the craft beer movement. It is home to some of the most famous and delicious craft beers you can find in America, and indeed, the world. From traditional to innovative, you can find any type of beer you desire, as long as you know where to look.

Top Craft Beer Breweries in Boston

With the city’s fast growth and vast array of restaurants and bars, it may be tricky to figure out where to go if you are unfamiliar with the city. Fortunately, I took care of the (arduous) task of sampling beers all over the city to create this, the definitive list of must-visit craft beer destinations in Boston.

Harpoon Brewery

One of the largest craft breweries in the area, this gem can be found in the Seaport District, one of Boston’s fastest growing neighborhoods. Beer lovers can take a tour to learn about the brewing process; it costs $5, with proceeds donated to charity. Included in this price are free samples in the tasting room. The samples include standard Harpoon flavors that you find at bars and in stores, as well as limited edition small batches that the brewers are experimenting with.

After the tour (or in lieu of the tour) you can spend time in the brew hall, where in addition to full size beers for purchase, Harpoon offers delicious fresh baked pretzels made from the spent grain that is a by-product of the brewing process with your choice of delicious dipping sauces. You can also buy growlers of beer or Harpoon-themed merchandise to take home.

Boston’s Sam Adams Brewery


The tour isn’t quite as good as Harpoon’s, the brewery is harder to get to, and the sample selections are limited (especially given the extensive product line that Sam Adams offers). However, the tour is free, and beer is delicious, so it’s worth the trip.

The Publick House

Photo by Kalman Zabarsky for Boston University Photography

The Publick House is off the beaten path for tourists and even most residents, but it offers one of the most extensive beer menus in the greater Boston area. It features beers from all over the world and many local selections as well. The staff is very knowledgeable and all the beers are delicious and unique; it is more reminiscent of an authentic Belgian beer cafe than your typical Boston restaurant. As an added bonus, the food menu, though limited, features tasty offerings that complement the beer perfectly.


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