Where to find the best Clam Chowder In Boston

Want Authentic New England Clam Chowder?

Boston’s rich history dates back to the 1630s with the arrival of the first Puritans. Later Boston became a popular nesting ground for colonists who rebelled against the heavy tax levy imposed by the British government. Today, Boston’s rich history continues with its love for education, cultural stimulation and diversity.clamchowdah

Tourist visiting Boston should enjoy exploring the scenery and visiting some of the best
restaurants in the area. The best dish to try is authentic New England Clam chowder. Not many restaurants in Boston make it the same way. Each recipe is unique, but here are a few restaurants you may want to try.

The Summer Shack

Don’t let the name fool you. The Summer Shack owner/ chef has several locations throughout Boston, and another location in Connecticut. This chef literally wrote the book on clam chowder. Chowder was first introduced in Canada and the Northeast more than 100- years- ago, and is now served in restaurants across the country. The one- dish sensation features clam, bacon, black pepper, spices, herbs, chives, bay leaves and fennel. Although, the recipe varies. It was not until the 1940s, that a French chef introduced cream as an additional ingredient in chowder, and now everyone who comes to Boston wants good chowder.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

Oysters is not the only specialty the chefs are cooking up at Island Creek. This restaurant makes the tastiest clam chowder, with special attention given to the ingredients. The clams are dug by hand, the bacon is house- cured, and the potatoes are nicely cubed. The broth seals in the flavor, and when you add the oyster crackers, there is no going back. By the way, you can try the chowder with homemade mini buttermilk biscuits.

The Barking Crab

Crabs don’t bark, but the clam chowder here has a bite. The Barking Crab’s chowder┬áhere is made fresh from scratch every day, and served with wine soaked, poached quahogs. When you add the black pepper, smoked bacon, celery, onion and delicious cream, it’s a wrap. The restaurant serves the chowder in a cup, with no reflection on taste. It’s still delicious.


Best Lunch Spots Around Harvard

My favorite time of the day is lunch, and Harvard Square offers dozens of fabulous eateries to choose from. Depending on your taste buds, you can choose burgers and fries, sub sandwiches or finger licking BBQ. You don’t have to eat lunch, you can choose to eat breakfast 24 hours a day. Whether its lunch, brunch or just a plain cup of coffee, you can find all the great foods you like, and want to try at Harvard Square.

Harvard Is A Foodie’s Paradise

These are only a few great places you can go to get a good meal on your lunch break. Stop in at any of these restaurants and order your food to go, or sit back and enjoy a nice lunch in a friendly atmosphere. The food is good, the staff is friendly, and the prices are just right.

Top Harvard Deli

Brothers Deli Restaurant have an all-day breakfast menu, with blueberry pancakes, bacon, coffee and so much more. The cafeteria style restaurant serves eggs, omelets, French toast, and Texas toast, with plenty of butter, if that’s what you like.

Best Harvard Bakery

Darwin’s LTD caters to your sweet side, if you like pastries and such. Mostly famous for its coffee, Darwin’s bakes gluten free rolls, which are great if you are allergic to gluten, and want to stick to healthy eating. They serve cold coffee, immersed with nitrogen, and berry and ginger flavored probiotic Kombucha. Darwin’s award winning sandwiches comes with soup specials, and you can order wine or beer on the side. The store has been around since 1933, and it is still the best place to go any time of the day, especially during lunch hours.

Harvard’s Best Burgers

Charlie’s Kitchen features everything and anything can imagine, at prices that are out of this world. If you desire an old fashioned, all- American cheeseburger with fries on the side, or a veggie burger with grilled onions, or something totally new, Charlie’s Kitchen is the place to be. From Sunday to Sunday, you can get the best lunch deals in Boston.