Best Museums in Boston

Best Museums in Boston

What is the Best Museum in Boston?

Boston is a city rife with history, waterways, amazing seafood and great museums. It is nearly impossible to choose just one, and there are great museums all over town. Still, I will point out a couple of my favorites.

In the Seaport area, be sure to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art, a waterfront building offering galleries and shows, and lots of kid-friendly art displays. Nearby, make a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum.

Near the city’s ivy-league schools, you will find the Museum of Natural History at Harvard Square, and the Museum of Science at Cambridge. Of course, these two schools are living history lessons themselves and not to be missed!

For the ultimate Boston history experience, don’t miss the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. This museum tells the story of Boston’s place in the founding of our nation and is a favorite for travelers.

Interesting Landmarks Near Harvard

Harvard itself is one of the most interesting places in the country, but it is surrounded by areas of historical significance as well. Check out some of these cool places, and keep your camera ready!

Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard is entered through historic archways and surrounded by the stately buildings of the college. It is a quiet and park-like area with seating for visitors under ancient shade trees.  Great place for lunch or just to relax. Be sure to see Widener Library and the Memorial Church while in the Yard.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is the home of Sanders Theater, where there is always something happening. Here’s an awesome little tidbit: the dining hall here was the inspiration for the one in the Harry Potter movies. Beautiful architecture and stunning stained glass windows abound in this building.

Weeks Footbridge

This stunning bridge is for pedestrians only, and is one of our favorite places to walk. You get a full view of the college and forget all about the traffic that is all around the river.

Prospect Hill Monument

How much history can you stand in one day? This is the first place our flag was ever flown, and New Year’s Day brings a celebration with a faux George Washington! I love the view of the city skyline from up top.


Best Springtime Parks In Boston

Don’t miss these Boston Parks!

The spring is glorious in New England as the region climbs out of winter and hits its stride toward summer. However, any time is a great time to celebrate the season at hand at one of the many public parks in Boston. I have selected a few of my favorites and offer them to you in no particular order.

Flowering Parks of Boston

Boston boasts a healthy selection of parks whose main draw for me and many others is their gorgeous floral displays. Among the top parks of this type is the Boston Public Garden, situated across Charles Street from its sister park, the historic Boston Common. Flowers and flowering trees make for the perfect stroll and provide an escape from the stresses of the city. This also is the park that features the famous swan boats, which are constantly circling the lagoon.


Other parks with a botanical flair include the Emerald Necklace, which features seven miles of garden delights. Popular with joggers, it also features a guided evening tour. Another part of the Emerald Necklace system of parks is the Arnold Arboretum, which consists of 281 acres that are home to more than 15,000 shrubs and trees.

Parks for Exercise and Entertainment

Boston Commons is best known for its historical significance. The 50-acre site is America’s oldest park, where at one time cattle grazed and public hangings were held in the 1600’s and 1700’s. Lesser known outside Boston is that it also features a playground and a splash pool for children, an old time carousel, and a bandstand where musical and theatrical performances are held.

Best Park For Live Springtime Music


The Charles River Esplanade also hosts live musical concerts on the stage of its Hatch Shell performance arena. With or without musical accompaniment, visitors can enjoy three miles of greenery along the banks of the Charles River where once were only mud flats. While walking or jogging on land, tourists can enjoy the sight of kayaks, sailboats, and sculling boats making their way down the river.

Top 4 Parks In Boston

My Personal Favorite Parks In Boston

From a summer game of baseball to a sail around the harbor, Boston houses plenty of public parks for year-round fun. Whether you are looking to get out and get fit or get out and just sit… these four parks are a can’t-miss for a day filled with sunshine and wide open air.

Olmsted Park


With pretty picturesque ponds, spacious picnic spaces and charming stone bridges across a backdrop of meadows and lush forests, Olmsted Park is a great place to feel closer to Mother Nature… but it is also a great place to find athletic fields that do not stay quite as busy as some of the other large parks in Boston. Bring your glove for a nice game of catch with the kids.

Piers Park


City skylines and beautiful waterfront… Piers Park is the best of both worlds. With views of the harbor, a fitness area, community sailing access and playgrounds, Piers is the place to bring the whole family for a little warm weather fun.

Boston Common



This 50-acre urban park has a lot of historic significance for our area because it hosted British troops during the American Revolution. Just a little fun fact. With an ice-skating rink and well-lit Christmas trees in winter, you will want to stop by Boston Common when the weather has you thinking about the holidays, Northern snow and mornings by the fire. However, you will still find plenty to see and do year round.  There’s also some really good food in the area as well about 10 minutes away.

Boston Public Garden

Flowers — check. Swans — check. Ducks — check. George Washington statue in a Red Sox Jersey — check. You cannot play in Boston without coming to the Public Garden that was first created in 1837. Sit and stay a while. Wonder at the skylines and take in the lush greenery and lagoon with boat rides, fountains and other fun things.
Boston has a bevy of public parks to explore and discover. These four are far from all there is to see and if you visit one park a weekend… you could easily have a couple months’ worth of adventures on your hands.

Which Teams Are Harvard’s Biggest Rivals?

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Good Rivalry

Nothing gets my football passions engaged like a good gridiron battle featuring Harvard University and one of its Ivy League rivals. I join the entire Boston area in support of my team by wearing the old crimson whenever Princeton or Yale come to town.


As the oldest university in the U.S., it is only fitting that Harvard Crimson should be one of the oldest football programs. The school established itself as a football powerhouse soon after starting its program in 1873, and it still ranks as the eighth winningest team among those playing Division I ball in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The Ivy League’s Historic Rivalries

Among the opponents I look forward to meeting on the field of play is Yale, the school “up the river” that, with Harvard, represents one of the longest running rivalries in any sport. In fact, the rivalry between the two is the second oldest one that still is continuing, dating back to when the teams first met in 1875. The rivalry between Yale and Princeton, another Ivy League competitor, is older by only two years.

Even after all these years, the competition between Harvard and Yale remains heated and close, with Yale leading the series only by a narrow 65-59-8, but with Harvard dominating since 2007. The annual gridiron battle between the two schools, known simply as “The Game,” takes place at the end of each football season in November.

With the creation of the Ivy League in 1954, Harvard has been pitted against other elite schools, which may not always be the most elite on the football field. Instead, many make their mark on the basketball court.

Whether it is basketball or football, and regardless how well the teams are playing this year, any Ivy League match-up with Harvard will get all of the Boston and Cambridge area into a crimson frenzy. Following behind the Harvard-Yale rivalry are ones that continue with Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

What’s your favorite football rivalry? Post in the comments below or send me a message!

Best Lunch Spots Around Harvard

My favorite time of the day is lunch, and Harvard Square offers dozens of fabulous eateries to choose from. Depending on your taste buds, you can choose burgers and fries, sub sandwiches or finger licking BBQ. You don’t have to eat lunch, you can choose to eat breakfast 24 hours a day. Whether its lunch, brunch or just a plain cup of coffee, you can find all the great foods you like, and want to try at Harvard Square.

Harvard Is A Foodie’s Paradise

These are only a few great places you can go to get a good meal on your lunch break. Stop in at any of these restaurants and order your food to go, or sit back and enjoy a nice lunch in a friendly atmosphere. The food is good, the staff is friendly, and the prices are just right.

Top Harvard Deli

Brothers Deli Restaurant have an all-day breakfast menu, with blueberry pancakes, bacon, coffee and so much more. The cafeteria style restaurant serves eggs, omelets, French toast, and Texas toast, with plenty of butter, if that’s what you like.

Best Harvard Bakery

Darwin’s LTD caters to your sweet side, if you like pastries and such. Mostly famous for its coffee, Darwin’s bakes gluten free rolls, which are great if you are allergic to gluten, and want to stick to healthy eating. They serve cold coffee, immersed with nitrogen, and berry and ginger flavored probiotic Kombucha. Darwin’s award winning sandwiches comes with soup specials, and you can order wine or beer on the side. The store has been around since 1933, and it is still the best place to go any time of the day, especially during lunch hours.

Harvard’s Best Burgers

Charlie’s Kitchen features everything and anything can imagine, at prices that are out of this world. If you desire an old fashioned, all- American cheeseburger with fries on the side, or a veggie burger with grilled onions, or something totally new, Charlie’s Kitchen is the place to be. From Sunday to Sunday, you can get the best lunch deals in Boston.

Welcome To Boston

Here’s Why I Love Boston

Boston has been my hometown for ad long as I can remember, and is truly an undeniably beautiful city – no bias, I promise. Being one of the oldest cities in the United States, and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a cultural melting pot – which is what I love most about the city. There’s simply lots to see, do and experience here. Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Eateries

If you visit the city of Boston, or visit at any given time of year, and cannot find a great spot to enjoy a meal out, then you are looking with the wrong eyes. This is true irrespective of your preferred tastes and lifestyle. There truly is something here for everybody where food and beverage is concerned. Everything from your regular city staple fish and chips joint to more formal and upscale options are available.

2. The Live Music Sites

I love live music. It therefore doesn’t hurt that the city of Boston is in many ways a live music Mecca. So many sounds and musical genres are represented by the independent bands and artistes on the live music scene. Everything from reggae, to jazz, hip hop, rock and soul are all regularly found across the music scene (Wally’s Cafe is a favorite of mine). There are lots of live music bars and pubs where artistes can win fans over, and music lovers like me can enjoy good music, and good food during a night out with friends.

3. Rich History

Not surprisingly, Boston is home to many legendary sites and events. After all, as I mentioned before, Boston is an old city and is consequently a historically rich one. Even amidst the latest in technology and modern conveniences, there is this sense of old world charm as you traverse the city streets. This is hardly surprising, as if you take the time to really look at the city’s architecture, one will quickly begin to get the feeling that a story is being told of days of old.

Do you have anything to add? What are your favorite spots? Contact me here or leave a comment below!